3 weeks in Ibiza

Stephen and I have just spent 3 and a half weeks in Ibiza, it flew by and now its time to move on.
We were very happy with our time in Ibiza, of course both of us winning the race at the beginning of our stay was perfect. Then staying on and training for ironman Cozumel has been faultless. The island of Ibiza had so much to offer us.
We stayed in an apartment on the edge of Ibiza town, (this is the biggest town on the island). Although it was the offseason for the tourists everything we needed was open. The clubs and pubs (which Ibiza is mainly known for were all closed, but Stephen and I did’nt mind too much about that as our training plan had not got much clubbing scheduled!!)
In Ibiza town there was a choice of 3 swimming pools and I think we rode on every road on the island. About 90% of the island is really quiet, beautiful and has perfect smooth roads for riding on.

We will definitly go back to Ibiza soon…

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Bayliss's on top in Ibiza!

Ibiza continued its great consistancy of brilliant races for me yesterday as Stephen and I both won the Ibiza ITU long course world series race!
Winning is not easy and for us both to win on the same day is very difficult! However we have done it before! But not for about 2 years. As much as we can “dream” about both winning on the same day, actually doing it is very difficult.

At 5am we woke up to a tropical storm. Well, actually I knew it was doing this as it kept me awake most the night as it battered the hotel. I took a look outside and over transition, bikes were blown about, trees blowing sideways and rain washing everything out. …I quickly stepped back inside!
This continued all morning but the rain eased up about half way on the bike.
Its funny, the day before the race we were talking to the race directer and he told us it never rains in Ibiza!! …well yesterday made up for that!

The usual calm sea was rough. I was’nt really looking forward to getting in it! But Stephen said I would be fine! so I just got on with it.
During the first lap I thought they would’nt send us in for another lap, ..but they did, during the 2nd lap I thought they would’nt send us in for a 3rd lap, but they did! I did’nt envy the weaker swimmers yesterday.
I came out the water with a bit of a slow time, and 3 and a half minutes down on the first girl. The bike was windy and wet. The first corner we turned was into a strong headwind and up hill, but no problem, I just got on with it. My favouride part of my day was seeing Stephen leading the bike AND looking strong and looking like he was attacking the race!
The bike course was out and back and every time I saw him he looked better and better. THAT is the Stephen I want see. I know he can race like that. So that was my favorite part of my day, seeing Stephen on every lap in the lead!
After 10 km on the bike there was 20km of roller coaster roads. It was very slippy because of the wet weather, people were struggling to stay on their bikes. Unfortunatly I saw too many crashes yesterday. I wish every one who came off a speedy recovery.

I rode well and actually started the run with a good 30 minute plus gap over the next girl. For me that was nice since I am not running like I used too! I ran the best I could but it was’nt so fast especially towards the end. My legs are not springy like they were in years gone by! But I still came accross the finish line in first place. A double Bayliss win! Yeahhhh! That is what we love to do! If feels very special and we will enjoy our win here.
A huge thankYou to Emma for supporting us ALL day, and every day! You are the best.

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Today I raced the TriStar222 race here in Sardinia! The race was a bit different to any thing I have done before, as it consisted of a 2km swim, 200km bike and a 20km run.
About 2 weeks ago I did’nt even know where Sardinia was! When I learnt there was a race here I did some investigating and found that Sardinia is an Italian island just off Italy and when I arrived I realized quickly that it is a very beautiful place.

TriStar are a fairly new triathlon organisation who are trying hard to develop a great new range of races. I was impressed with this race. I think they found a great place here at Connigione, Sardinia.

The sea was lovely, clean and warm, but wetsuit swim. The ride took us on a 1 loop 200km course around the top of Sardinia. I was really impressed with the great roads for cycling and very scenic too, ..not that I really had time to notice the view!
The run was a 4 lap course along the coast and into the small town of Connigione.
The field was small but a good few pros had entered.
I was first girl out the water! Team mate Diana Reisler was not far behind me, ..she has been training hard!!
After 20km Diana caught me on the bike, we rode fairly close by for about an hour. It felt like we were out on a training ride together! However she was very strong on the flat parts of the course and rode into the distance. I could not go with her.
I worked away with the ride best I could. At about 140 km I was caught by Karen Gerber. She was also riding strongly. I rememered that she was the girl that whizzed by me on the bike at Ironman UK in 2007, however she did not run far at that race and I beat her.
TOday I was able to stay close to her till the finish, and I was able to run a bit faster than her to take 2nd place. Diana also ran strongly and won comfortably. Well done Diana. You have obviously been training hard, ..it showed today.
THe race took me about 8 and half hours. So a good training day and a small pay check too.

I go home now and will prepare for another race. I am “home alone” this week while Stephen is racing in Hawaii. GO STEPHEN!!!!!!

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Ironman Wisconsin

About 6 weeks ago Coach and I sat down and thought about the second half of my race season. Since I was not having the best of years and experiencing a bit of an injury for the first time we decided to adjust my races a bit.
We decided to withdraw from Hawaii. I got a little of my money back from my entry, ..the rest went into the WTC “charity box”!

Coach suggested I race Ironman Wisconsin on Sept 12th. I got excited and got myself organised to race. I entered, ..I think I am race number 54!
Me being me, (too organised for my own good) I bought flights!
My friend Emma (who is also ultra organised like me) organised to come out to support me race!
If anyone ever needs 2 very hard working, very efficient and ultra organised girls to work for them, …you know where to come!
However, 10 days ago Coach and I realised that racing is still not the best option for me right now. So although I could leave tomorrow for Madison, I am not.

I may race again very soon, I just have to see how things are.

All the best Jocelyn and Brandon, who ARE racing Wisconsin this weekend!

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Embrunman 2010.

Embrunman 2010.

Yesterday I raced Embrunman for the 5th time.
I knew the day ahead would be long and challenging, and it was!
We woke up to a calm and dry morning, pheww! As the day before had been a total washout. The race would have had another real challenge to it dealing with heavy rain and possibly snow at the top of the Col!

The girls started the day at 5.50am in the dark. This year with Teresa being there, she took off with the lead kayak which has the light on. And left me in the dark to navigate. Dam. I did try to stay with her but I lost her very quick with the combination of the dark and her speed.

I came out the water with Alexandra Loisson and Isabelle Ferrer. We then seemed to stay pretty close on the ride. Except Ferrer was very fast at decending so would leave me on the technical decents.
I worked away and tried to ignore that Tereza was taking chunks of time from me all the time. My race was most likly to go for second now.

I managed to start the run in 2nd with about 6 minutes in front of the others. But after 21km on the run Ferrer past me and at 35km Loison past me. I held onto 4th in ugly style! My legs were so done.
Well done to Teresa on a strong race! and well done to James on his strong performance too.
Well done to Stephen for his 5th place, Scott for 7th and Brandon on a hard day at Embrunman and his 13th place.

I will continue to work away and aim at going onwards and upwards!

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My Grandma and Grandad

This time last year my lovely Grandad died. He was 96 years old. Last week my lovely Grandma died, she was 95 years old.

I was racing last year so was’nt able to go to my Grandad’s funeral, but I am going to my Grandma’s funeral on Thursday.
This last week I have thought alot about my G+G so I thought I would write a blog about them.

I have lots of lovely memories of them mainly from when Amber (my sister) and I were younger.
They were always fun to be with, there was never a dull moment with G+G!
Grandad taught us to ride our bikes, I remember him taking our stabilisers off and he would run behind us making sure we did’nt fall off!
My Grandma taught me how to do “joined up writing” !
Summer holidays were extra exciting because Grandma and Grandad either came to visit, or we went to their home in Warlingham, Surrey, or we went camping with them in their camper van. Amber and I loved to visit them at their home! We would have fun just hanging out with them, playing golf, tennis, darts and table tennis in their garden, or going to differnet places to walk, swim or ride our bikes.
We would always watch lots of TV at their house (something we did’nt do at our home because we did’nt have a TV! G+G always watched lots of sport, golf, athletics, football, Formula1, tennis, snooker, anything and everything!
I always loved to cut their grass in their huge garden, with their lawnmower! I loved to do that! Even at age 8 and younger! ..we did’nt have a lawn mower at home, our horses and goats would keep our grass short!
Sometimes Amber and I would have a “fashion show” by dressing up in my Grandma’s dresses!
Sometimes we would look ridiculas, somtimes we would look beautiful!

After a couple of weeks staying at their house they would take us home to Scotland. But not by plane or train, we went in their camper van and we would take 10 days or more getting home! They did’nt drive on the moterway, we went on all the little roads and stopped after half a day at a campsite! We loved to camp! Amber and I were young, so little, ..luckily! as their camper van was’nt huge! Amber and I slept in bunk beds up high and G+G slept below us!

More recently, well about 8 years ago, I was visiting them, I knew Stephen so called him to see if he wanted to go for a run! He came round because Stephen lived just around the corner. G+G liked Stephen as much as I did!
They met Stephen a few more times as we would ride our bikes there for a cup of tea in the summer time. Grandad liked to talk to him about running as he used to run a lot when he was younger. My Grandma liked to speak to Stephen about the Tour De France! She loved to watch the Tour and her favorite rider was Bradley Wiggens!

I will miss my G+G. They have always been there for me and we have had so many great times together. It will be sad to be at my Grandma’s funeral. But I do know they both had a happy and long life and now they will be together again.

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my Ironman UK race report

Thats Ironman UK done now. I am deflated not to have “defended my title”. Winning feels amazing. 2nd is not the same.

However, Congratulations to Yvette Grice on her race, she ran very well so deserved the win.

I came into this race underdone. I started the season later than previous years due to a little operation in December of 09. I then rushed back into training and racing much too fast and gave myself a bit of an injury and that has really hampered my training, so I am not as fit as previous years at this time.
So I suppose I was “wishing and hoping” for a win at Ironman UK. I gave it my best shot with what I had, I swam great, I rode well and I chugged along on the run with the legs I have right now. I thought a 15 minute lead off the bike might be enough of a buffer, but with Evette running at 3 hour pace and me going slowly, that 15 minutes was not enough.

The good thing for me is that I know with more training I will be back to strength again. That will take patience, hard work and time.
I just have to suck up the feeling that I have been so strong in previous years, and right now I am not as strong, it is a hard feeling to deal with, but I know, it is all part of the journey and I know I will be back.

I enjoyed the Ironman UK challenge, it was a tough course and logistically challenging too with the swim, T2 and finish line in different places. But it made it all very interesting!

It was good to see Stephen half way into the run as I got a scare in T2. I noticed his run bag was stil sitting there, I thought “oh no, he has crashed on the bike into a bush, or into a sheep on the road, or ridden into the pond on that sharp corner”
.. what I did’nt realise the volunteers were doing was putting our bike stuff back into the run bag and putting the bag back into line! So Stephen was fine! Phew!
It was really good to see Stephen having a strong race yesterday, his training has been going well and that reflected in his race.
I beleive that soon he will be in winning shape again.

The other person I want to mention in my freind Emma English, Ironman UK was her 2nd Ironman (her 3rd triathlon!) Some of you may have read her IM South Africa race report on TeamTBB
In South Africa she went, 12.52
yesterday she went 12.09 on a more difficult course !!! Emma went 1.09 swim, 6.53 bike, 3.53 run!
Wow Emma!!!! You are amazing! The determination and hard work she has put into her training, every day, since South Africa showed perfectly yesterday.

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