Here I am 25 weeks pregnant!

At times I think it is quite amazing I still have 3 and a half months to go as I feel that my tummy is pretty big already!

So what is my life like now?

Well, I have Stephen with me again. We must not plan to be apart from each other again. Our lives apart from each other is no fun. Stephen came home early from Thailand after the Samui race which was to be held on April 24th was cancelled due to flooding washing the roads away on the island of Samui. A real shame for the race, and for the island but it was good that Stephen came home early for me.
Maybe if I was in my normal routine of training and we were apart I would be alot better but being pregnant and on my own was a bit daunting at times. Different things were happening to me like feeling faint, nose bleeds and feeling very tired are not so fun alone.

I think my exercising is slowing down all the time! I am not sure how I compare to other pregnant girls but I am no longer attemping to jog. My tummy felt too big and too heavy! So I walk now. I walk everyday. Being up here in Leysin, Switzerland means I walk up lots of hills so that is good for my legs! And it is tiring carrying a baby weight on front!
Biking is almost non existant now. I think it would be easier if I was living on a flat piece of land, but it just seems quite hard to ride up and down mountains on my time trial bike now! None of my bike shorts fit me anymore, the waistband digs right into where my tummy comes out! I did where a pair of Stephens bib shorts for a while but even they felt wrong over my tummy. Today I actually just wore a pair of old big tracksuit bottoms and that did’nt feel so bad so maybe I can do that for a while till I grow out of them too!
I am still swimming each day, that feels good. ..but not too fast or too much!

In between my little exercise sessions I am coaching my girls who are all doing well!
I can sit/lie for hours with my hands on my tummy just feeling baby squiggling and kicking about!  Some days I call baby a kung foo fighter!  I am not sure what it is up too, but sometimes it is very busy!
I am learning about the new health care system here in Switzerland! They do things a little different here to the UK, testing for things that the UK dont test for so I suppose that is good.
We are buying a few new baby things but not going over the top at the moment!

Stephen and I have a little trip planned in 10 days, we are going to Fuertaventura.  Stephen will race the Challenge Half, I will watch my 2nd race of the year with my friend Emma English (who is also in the same boat as me now!!) we will sit and compare Fuertaventura Challange race notes and I expect talk lots of baby things too!


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