My Favorite February Beach Jog/Walk Loop!

When Stephen and I first arrived to Ibiza I found this great and beautiful loop for jogging (I am calling it jogging as what I do is not running anymore! it is slow motion jogging). My loop goes along 3 beaches that look stunning everytime. In December, January, Februay, March and April (the off season Ibiza months) the beaches are deserted, absolutley no other people around. However I have seen post cards of these exact same beaches in the summer and you cant see the sand for sun bathers!

When we first arrived I would go around this loop in about 45

minutes, since then I have been doing “PBs” everytime I do it! …not faster PB’s, slower PB’s! Sometimes as much as a +5 minute PB! now it takes me almost 1 hour to get round.

I have taken a photo of each of the 3 beautiful beaches I go by!

1st beach, Es Canar, Ibiza. This is where many of the hotels are, but at this time of year the hotels are all shut up.

2nd beach, I walk along this one. Jogging in sand for me right now requires more energy than I have!

the 3rd beautiful beach I pass on my loop!

It is funny, before my pregnancy, even if I had an easy recovery run to do, (which Stephen and I would often do together) Stephen would sometimes suggest we take a camera and try to get a photo for our blogs. But I would always say, “oh no, I dont want to stop on my run” This past 8 weeks I seem to have really adjusted my attitude! It is now totally acceptable (to myself) to walk on my jogs! In fact I actually walk more than jog! I know that women runners who are pregnant will run till they give birth, but that is not for me. My legs need this time out to recouperte as my muscles got into such a bad state last year. So doing lots of walking is good for me. This is why my PB’s are getting so good! I have even found myself stopping to look at views, and today stopping to take photos!? My extreme and anal training ethic is taking a back seat right now!

All is going well with my pregnancy, there seems to be a slight bump apearing! I am almost 15 weeks pregnant now.

On Friday Stephen and I are heading to the UK for a few days to go to the TCR show. We will be there on Sunday and Stephen is running the 10km race which I wil enjoy watching! Maybe see you there..

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