St Antoni, Ibiza. On the coast.

what am I talking about? …I am not talking so much about bikes right now, so its not one of my bike measurements! 7.5cm is the size of our baby right now. Apparently the liver, kidneys and lungs are maturing right now, ears are developing and soon hair will be growing!
I am almost 14 weeks pregnant now. Since that 3 month mark I have generally been feeling a little more energetic. I feel exhausted less, although I still get very tired. Today is a tired day!? ..but yesterday I had a day filled with energy.

I am feeling nauseous less, and my swimming is improving as I don’t get nauseous so easily. I am aiming to keep my swimming ticking over during pregnancy. I worked so hard to get my swim decent, so I don’t want to forget my swim now. Although I am swimming slowly, I am holding my stroke together and getting 2-3km in 6 days a week.
In the past year I have had no problems with my arms and shoulders so swimming is good for me, but my leg muscles got so sore throo 2010 so this year my legs are resting! I am walking more, and only occasionally jogging. I am enjoying riding my bike about, we don’t have a car so that is my transport to the pool!

Since watching Stephen fall off his bike yesterday, I am being extra careful not to fall off!! Although if I am putting gloves on while riding, I dont go “no hands” to do it…. like Stephen does!!!
Apart from Stephen falling off his bike, he is training well. He is more determined and focused than ever with his training. It was good having Dan (Halksworth) here training with Stephen.
Last weekend I enjoyed watching them race a 2.2km run race! ..a little on the short side but a great race all the same.

Some people have asked me if I look any different yet, Do I have a bump? well, the answer is no! I look pretty similar to the way I always look, although to me, I do feel pregnant! I can feel a bump with my hands.
If you saw me in my cycling shorts, you would probably say under your breath “ooooh Bella has put a little weight on” …Stephen says you wouldn’t think that, but he is very polite!!
I have never lost my appetite since being pregnant, so unlike some women who loose weight in the first 3 months, ..I don’t think I have lost weight, although I haven’t turned into an elephant either! I have had a few food cravings, but not crazy cravings. During the 2nd month I often craved tomatoes or eggs.
The biggest thing that has changed was after 4 weeks of being pregnant I totally went off 3 things I have been addicted to for years, wine (I am not an alcoholic! but I have been known to like a glass of wine) coffee, and chewing gum!
I didn’t tell myself to stop eating and drinking that, it was just my body decided I didn’t need it, which made me happy, especially with the chewing gum, there is not much good-ness in chewing gum! I don’t think the baby needs chewing gum, coffee or wine!

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2 Responses to 7.5cm

  1. Jules says:

    I couldn’t stand the smell or drink coffee through my pregnancies, but as you say the baby doesn’t need this. It doesn’t stop them drinking it when they are older either, my son loves Starbucks!

    • bellabayliss says:

      Hi Julie!
      Good to hear from you again!
      yes it is strange what pregnancy does to you!?

      We are organising a trip to Lanzarote in May! For Stpehen to do Volcano and Ironman! Are you doing either this year?

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