My secret is out!

Today as you can see, Stephen and I let our secret out! To be honest, keeping this secret has been hard work. I have been dieing to tell people but we decided to wait.

It has been great today, so many emails and calls to congratulate us, from people all over the world, people that I have not heard from in so long, and people I have been hiding from, fear the conversation might lead to how I am, then I would have to lie about how I was and what I was up too!!
I have been laying low for 3 months now! But now I dont have to lay low 🙂

I dont know where to start really! It is all a whirl wind today.
Stephen and I are very happy! This is what we wanted. It will of course be such a change in our lives. Another person!! Its good you have 9 months to prepare!

2010 was very difficult for me. My leg injuries really crippled me. I actually dont remember a run in 2010 that did not hurt, so the decision to get pregnant was right for me at this time. My body needed this “rest”
Although I do plan to come back to race, I do know that wont happen easily!! But I will give it a real good go!

Right now I am concentrating on keeping healthy, doing some light exercise and reading about babies, …and how to have a baby!!! eeek!!!

I think compared to some woman these last 3 months have not been too bad for me. I hear that some woman feel awful during this time, but actually, for me, I felt great the first 4 weeks, then for the next 4 weeks I did feel really tired a lot, nausious, especially when swimming!!? Then I caught the cold/cough thing going around the UK in December. It took me 4 weeks to get rid of that 😦
Apparently your imune system is not the same when you are pregnant.
The past 4 weeks I have still felt nausious and tired at times, but this last week I feel I have a little more energy. “The books say” that after the first 3 months this tends to happen!
I am even able to swim a little longer without the feeling I am about to vomit after 10 laps!!!

I am going to write regular blogs and keep anyone that is interested updated!
Speak Soon!
Am off to read some more emails that I have just recieved!! 🙂


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5 Responses to My secret is out!

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  2. JALAL says:




  3. Jules says:

    Congratulations Bella & Stephen, that’s wonderful news 🙂

    • bellabayliss says:

      ThankYou Jules! and ThankYou for checking in on us!
      Stephen and I have quite a change coming up in our lives!! ha ha haa!!! It is absolutly what we wanted though.
      Maybe see you in May!

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