Bayliss's on top in Ibiza!

Ibiza continued its great consistancy of brilliant races for me yesterday as Stephen and I both won the Ibiza ITU long course world series race!
Winning is not easy and for us both to win on the same day is very difficult! However we have done it before! But not for about 2 years. As much as we can “dream” about both winning on the same day, actually doing it is very difficult.

At 5am we woke up to a tropical storm. Well, actually I knew it was doing this as it kept me awake most the night as it battered the hotel. I took a look outside and over transition, bikes were blown about, trees blowing sideways and rain washing everything out. …I quickly stepped back inside!
This continued all morning but the rain eased up about half way on the bike.
Its funny, the day before the race we were talking to the race directer and he told us it never rains in Ibiza!! …well yesterday made up for that!

The usual calm sea was rough. I was’nt really looking forward to getting in it! But Stephen said I would be fine! so I just got on with it.
During the first lap I thought they would’nt send us in for another lap, ..but they did, during the 2nd lap I thought they would’nt send us in for a 3rd lap, but they did! I did’nt envy the weaker swimmers yesterday.
I came out the water with a bit of a slow time, and 3 and a half minutes down on the first girl. The bike was windy and wet. The first corner we turned was into a strong headwind and up hill, but no problem, I just got on with it. My favouride part of my day was seeing Stephen leading the bike AND looking strong and looking like he was attacking the race!
The bike course was out and back and every time I saw him he looked better and better. THAT is the Stephen I want see. I know he can race like that. So that was my favorite part of my day, seeing Stephen on every lap in the lead!
After 10 km on the bike there was 20km of roller coaster roads. It was very slippy because of the wet weather, people were struggling to stay on their bikes. Unfortunatly I saw too many crashes yesterday. I wish every one who came off a speedy recovery.

I rode well and actually started the run with a good 30 minute plus gap over the next girl. For me that was nice since I am not running like I used too! I ran the best I could but it was’nt so fast especially towards the end. My legs are not springy like they were in years gone by! But I still came accross the finish line in first place. A double Bayliss win! Yeahhhh! That is what we love to do! If feels very special and we will enjoy our win here.
A huge thankYou to Emma for supporting us ALL day, and every day! You are the best.


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