1st week of training camp in Krabi

My first week of training in Krabi, Thailand has already flown by. We have settled quickly into the new training routine and found out that we are in a great spot to prepare for 2010.

This is the great view we wake up to each morning here in Krabi
This is the great view we wake up to each morning here in Krabi

We have met all the new TeamTTB members, we have new Americans, Australians, Brits, Canadians Japanese, Czechs, Germans and Swiss! Amoungst the older members of the team, we have Teresa, Wongstar and Bek. We also have Beck Preston back to train with! Its great to have you back!
Some of the athletes are crazy strong swimmers, some are crazy strong cyclists, some crazy strong runners! and some, ..well, just crazy!

Everyone is on best behavior right now and training hard. Nobody has annoyed me, yet! ..oh, apart from naughty Jeff this morning at the pool! šŸ™‚ ..he wont do that again as I sorted him out.!

So we are all focused and set on the year ahead. For some, their races start soon at Ironman Malaysia, Ironman China and Keegan who will be the only TeamTBB rep who will be racing IN NZ this year. For me, I am not racing yet, I have a few more weeks till I am ready to do any damage!


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