I'm now Mrs Bayliss!!

..well yeah, I know, I have been Mrs Bayliss for 1 year now really. But on some forms (ie, my passport) I was still Bella Comerford!
However, today we had an appointment at the Passport Office to get a new Passport! I am now officially in all areas, Mrs Bella Bayliss!

Last night we arrived to Scotland. It is nice to be here even though it is FREEZING!!

We had a weird trip. Once we were checked in for our flights at Cancun Airport, 3 hours later we had’nt gone, then it was cancelled!!! EEEeeeek!!!

However, the airline managed to re-book us on a new route and we ended up arriving to Glasgow 4 hours before the original time we were going to arrive!! ha! How about that!

Tonight Stephen and I are treating ourselves to a night at the hotel we got married at this time last year. We are looking forward to a lovely time! šŸ™‚


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