bad day at my office

Ironman South Africa 2009 turned out to be a bad day for me.
I did my best from the start, but struggled to be in strong form. Lucie took out the swim and bike amazingly fast! Well done Lucie! Very impressive.
I tried to stay as close as I could to her, but even still she took time out of me.
I worked so hard on the bike, with the added problem of dehydrating myself, by accident, turned my run into a disaster area. After 15km I was quite delirious and came to a halt. It is a horrible feeling to not finish. Anyway, I am not allowed to think about it, and I have to move on today!
I will get my body ready for the next.
Well done again Lucie, Well done Stephen who also had a hard day out there, but finished the day off with a 4th place. Well done James and Caroline too, great efforts on a very hot day!

ThankYou to everyone who supported me out there yesterday, it was very special to have so much support.


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