a week in Scotland!

Time to leave Scotland for the Philippines.
I feel happy after our week long training camp in Scotland! Sometimes training here at my Mum and Dads home can have its frustrations. But this week I can not complain. The temperatures have been a balmy high of 5 degrees. After the arctic conditions in Switzerland I really feel I have been operating very well in these warm temperatures. I suppose I was brought up in a high of 5 degrees so my body likes it!?!
The swimming pool has been great. Each morning they greet Stephen and I with open arms and ask “what can we get ready for you today”! A lane is all we need and to be able to use paddles has been great! Here in the UK, paddles are the devil it seems. But at Aboyne now, they have seen the light and its been great!
Biking and running here is also great. We live in the Highlands! You only see the odd car and no other triathletes or athletes.
Unfortunatly I did get a real scare the other day, I was hit by a car while riding my bike, (well, I thought I was, but actually I think it was someone hitting me with their hand on my back side whilst time trialling down the road. He must have thought it would have been funny. It scared the living hell out of me but I managed to keep myself upright and it has not damaged me at all. phewwww.
Now some travel time to the really nice warm TeamTBB base camp!


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