Florida 2008

7 days to go till my final race of the season! Ironaman Florida. It is the 7th year in a row that I will have raced this one! ..you could say, I like it here!! ..I really do, everytime I arrive here in Panama City Beach I enjoy my time.
This year I have got to spend a bit more time here as Stephen and I came straight from Hawaii to here. Not that we are doing anything extraudinary! ..but we are enjoying doing what we are doing! ..swimming at our favourite pool in the world (an outdoor 50m pool, brand new and hardly anyone uses it!)
riding about! ..the only thing we miss is hills. It is dead flat here!
Oh, we enjoy going to Walmart too! It is the closest shop to us and it has EVERYTHING, so we dont need to go anywhere else! Its great!

Our room has a magnificent view over the sea and white sandy beach. Could’nt really get better!

My training has gone well since Hawaii and I cant wait to get stuck in next Saturday. I will be strong and I will be concentrating on doing a very good job.

It will be good to have Stephen there at the side to support me, although I have given him strict instructions not to be out there all day as he has to be fresh for his race at 70.3 Champs a week later.

Next week we will pack up here and head to Clearwater for Stephen’s race, but I cant think about that yet, ..got a lot to do here first!


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