the morning after the race!

The World Championships are done! Its nice to relax for a mintue!
I am over the moon with my 7th place. My “acheivable goal” was to creep into the top 10. But at times out there racing, it felt like it may be difficult.
After having a very good swim, coming out with many top contenders I never felt strong on the bike. Girls and guys would fly by me and I could only watch them go into the distance. I kept calm and worked with what I had. Maybe top 10 would’nt happen today. However after 4 hours on the bike, I began to feel ok. Wow, 4 hours to warm up after a 1 hour swim!??!
Anyway, I began to finally catch some girls! Leanda Cave, Charlotte Kolters, Rebecca Keat, Gina Ferguson, the Spanish girl!!! 🙂 🙂
Suddenly I felt a little energy come back!

Onto the run and this is where my work had to begin. I went out sensibly as it would be stupid to look like the champion in the first 5km then come home the last 10km walking.
In the previous days coming into the race I experienced how hot in the head you can get very quickly if you run out hard.
I needed to stay cool.

Coming into the first turn around I saw Chrissie first, she was in the lead and looking strong. I knew all she needed to do was keep running like that to the finish line and the race would be hers.
The other girls were not out of reach for me. I just needed to look after myself, drink and stick in there. Sure enough, from mile 11 to 23 I had a fun time! I went from 14th place to 7th! Passing Sybelle Matter, Joanna Lawn, Dede Gresbouer, Belinda, Gina Ferguson and another!
It was never easy. I had to concentrate really hard on doing all the things that I need to do. I did’nt freak out when things were not going my way and I dug real deep all day. I am very very happy.
Congratulations to Chrissie, Erika, Belinda, Donna, Hillary and Stephen. !


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