Ironman NZ

I’v just raced the early season, “Ironman New Zealand”
I wanted to race this one because it is a great race, in a great place, and as I have raced it a couple of times before, I always feel it is an advantage to know the course well. Its also been a while since December 2nd when I raced Ironman WA, ..I needed something else to get me teeth into!
So, I came 4th. An ok result but at the same time, the result has’nt fulfilled me! Instead it has helped to fuel my fire to keep working away, so I get the results I really believe I can get, and want to get.

I had an ok swim but lost a little time at 400m when I had a little panik attack. ANNOYING.

My bike ride was ok, consistance and fairly strong. The P3 was great!

Onto the run, where I would have loved to run the run I’v been practising over the winter, but it just was’nt quite there. I dont think it was the strong wind and rain that effected me as much as the invisable sun. I seemed to get really burnt and I think that affected my run performance. Better get back to Subic Bay and get used to that sun again. My pale skin cant take a sudden bout of sun like that!


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