Ironman Florida 2007

It is the morning after the race. My 6th Ironman Florida in a row! And my 6th birthday here in Panama City Beach! I enjoy being here, I always have a good time.

So, the race, I had a good swim, I noticed while running round the sand loop I was at 26 minutes, then I exited the complete swim in 55.30, I think the results said.

I felt ok on the bike, but seemed to feel more at ease and comfortable for the final 2 hours.
Getting off the bike in a fine time of 5 hours!

My running run legs were not really there to begin with, but I am used to just getting on with the job anyway! I ran the first 13 miles in a fine time of 1 hour 29. Perfect. But suddenly I really started to struggle. The last 13 miles were really hard work. I was not sure I would be able to finish. My position changed from 3rd place to 5th place and back to 4th place. It was a really tight race, so many girls all together.
I concentrated hard to keep running as fast as I could and get some calories in to get me to the finish line.
I got there! In 4th place! I am happy, and my fastest ever Ironman time,
9 hours 13 minutes.
Of course I would have liked to keep my winning history going here in Florida, but I did my best.

I few easy days before we travel back to Thailand for the final preparations for Ironman Western Australia on December 2nd.


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