Mid July

Well, this weekend I am Stephen-less! It is not aften that we are apart, but this weekend we are. I will survive! Especially now I have just bought a cell phone so that we can keep in contact!
Stephen has gone to race the World ITU long course Champs this weekend. Of course I was also meant to be there, to “defend my World title”, and my Lorient title, (as I won Lorient last year)
But it is not to be. I have a little injury in my hamstring so best I dont race right now.
I am dissappointed about my injury but not too disappointed about missing Worlds, as really, this shortened distance of 3km – 80km – 20km is not what I love.
I hear it is back to the full 4km – 120km – 30km next year, so I will be there then ๐Ÿ™‚

I am excited for Stephen. He is fit and strong and we think this distance is great for him. So “GO” Stephen.

Yesterday TeamTBB signed a deal with Cervelo! We all met Gerard Vroomen and had a good chat with him.
Before Stephen left I had him build my new P3! It looks great! It is sitting ready to be ridden. I just have to wait till my leg is better now!

Another exciting thing that happens next week, is that Stephen and I get to move into OUR new apartment here! YEayyyyyY !!

Ok, off to catch up on the Tour now! ๐Ÿ™‚


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