One Year on and life with Baby Charlie

This time last year I was training, best I could with the legs I had for my second last race of the year, Ibiza ITU 2010 long course triathlon,

I hobbled round that race and somehow managed to win! I had’nt really thought that it would have been my last race for more than a year!!

my last race of 2010. The Champions of Ibiza!

I was also meant to race Ironman Cozumel at the beginning of November 2010 but finding out I was pregnant 2 days before the race, for me was a simple decision not to start.

In 2011 I watched many many races instead! I enjoyed watching them. It was so different as I had never watched races before! Many people thought I would find it hard to watch but actually I found it totally fine, I was happy to be growing our little baby and giving my body the rest it needed. My belief that I would come back to race once the baby was out and I got back to fitness also kept me happy.

at 70.3 UK I actually helped Whit Raymond and Emma Jenkinson commentate. but this is me waiting at the finish line to see if it was going to be Stephen to make it a British win, or if it was going to be a Spanish win. Unfortunately for Stephen, it was a Spanish win.

Now, baby Charlie is 10 weeks old! We think he is the most gorgeous little baby we have ever seen!! ūüôā He is a smiley and happy little boy and getting so strong! He might be handsome like Stephen but he does’nt seem to have inherited Stephen’s addiction to TV! Charlie likes to be really busy, like me! He likes to see as much as possible, he loves to watch the squad swim in the mornings, and he loves to keep moving. He hates it when we stop moving.

Charlie is learning about the travelling lives we lead, he has already used his passport 3 times!

baby Charlie posing with Larry the Lion!

Although giving birth was no fun and traumatising, I have really forgotten most of the gory details!
Now, life for me is even busier than before as I began training again about 5 weeks ago. My journey back to fitness has begun!

I cant just walk out the door and train when I want, Charlie dictates my day, but within my day I am able to train with the help of Stephen. Stephen is a great Dad! He loves his little boy and loves looking after him when I go out.

Stephen babysitting!

Charlie loves it!

I had only been out the water for 5 weeks but the swimming I was doing during my pregnancy was very soft so I am only just beginning to get some strength back now.
Riding seemed easier to get back into, although of course I have some way to go till I am strong for racing!
Running felt the most strange. I suppose 6 months of no running would do that! I was so excited to get back running but on my first run I felt like my body had been filled with sand, it is getting easier now though.

I really beleive that I will be back racing in 2012. My role modal, Sonja Tajsich is continuing to prove that having a baby and getting back to racing at the top is possible with her 7th place at Hawaii last week, along side her 3 Ironman titles since having her baby. I will be working hard at my fitness these next months, seeing my pregnant tummy dissappear and getting a fit strong body back all while enjoying life with our lovely baby Charlie.


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1 week till my “due date”

I have not written a blog in a long time, oops.  I usually think that there is not enough for me to write about!  Although if I was more inventive, I am sure I would be able to write something.
With a week to go till my “due date” I am beginning to get ready for the birth.¬† Packing my hospital bags!¬† Re-reading my books on “how to give birth” and¬†then just keeping busy!

Actually, my books tell me I should be relaxing, taking long naps and going out to see films but I dont like resting that much!
I am definitely taking it easier than when I was training full time but I still make sure I get my swim and walk in each day, although slowly!  I feel good, and the baby is doing well. 
I am calm with the baby still inside,  but it would be good if it happens soon, then Stephen can get back to racing.  Stephen is entered into all sorts of races, but till the baby is born he will stay here with me.

A break in commentating while the wife of Mikel Elkazabel and I wait nervously to see if it will be Stephen or Mikel for 1st place at 70.3 UK.

These last few weeks I have also been keeping busy, Stephen and I had a trip to the UK for 70.3 UK, ..obviously not for me to race, but I actually helped Whit Raymond and Emma Jenkinson to commentate for the race.  Although I was a bit nervous doing this different job to what I normally do, I enjoyed helping them.  It was different to see the race from a different angle and experience the race more like how the organisers and volunteers experience it.
From 70.3 UK Stephen and I spent a week in London before going over to Klagenfurt for Ironman Austria.¬† My only “job” at this race was to support Stephen.¬† He did a good job, just he was not as fast as the 4 in front!¬† But he is continuing to work hard and soon he will be right up there.
This past week I have had my sister visit us in Switzerland.  Here are some photos of her time here,

My niece, Josie, feeling the baby moving! Josie says she has a baby in her tummy too! She says it is a girl and she calls her "Princess"!! so cute!


Josie and I at the pool.


Uncle Stephen the train driver!!

Next time I write, (since I am so slow at “blogging” I am sure the new baby Bayliss will be here!¬† I promise to do a blog with a photo once that has happened!
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Here I am 25 weeks pregnant!

At times I think it is quite amazing I still have 3 and a half months to go as I feel that my tummy is pretty big already!

So what is my life like now?

Well, I have Stephen with me again. We must not plan to be apart from each other again. Our lives apart from each other is no fun. Stephen came home early from Thailand after the Samui race which was to be held on April 24th was cancelled due to flooding washing the roads away on the island of Samui. A real shame for the race, and for the island but it was good that Stephen came home early for me.
Maybe if I was in my normal routine of training and we were apart I would be alot better but being pregnant and on my own was a bit daunting at times. Different things were happening to me like feeling faint, nose bleeds and feeling very tired are not so fun alone.

I think my exercising is slowing down all the time! I am not sure how I compare to other pregnant girls but I am no longer attemping to jog. My tummy felt too big and too heavy! So I walk now. I walk everyday. Being up here in Leysin, Switzerland means I walk up lots of hills so that is good for my legs! And it is tiring carrying a baby weight on front!
Biking is almost non existant now. I think it would be easier if I was living on a flat piece of land, but it just seems quite hard to ride up and down mountains on my time trial bike now! None of my bike shorts fit me anymore, the waistband digs right into where my tummy comes out! I did where a pair of Stephens bib shorts for a while but even they felt wrong over my tummy. Today I actually just wore a pair of old big tracksuit bottoms and that did’nt feel so bad so maybe I can do that for a while till I grow out of them too!
I am still swimming each day, that feels good. ..but not too fast or too much!

In between my little exercise sessions I am coaching my girls who are all doing well!
I can sit/lie for hours with my hands on my tummy just feeling baby squiggling and kicking about!  Some days I call baby a kung foo fighter!  I am not sure what it is up too, but sometimes it is very busy!
I am learning about the new health care system here in Switzerland! They do things a little different here to the UK, testing for things that the UK dont test for so I suppose that is good.
We are buying a few new baby things but not going over the top at the moment!

Stephen and I have a little trip planned in 10 days, we are going to Fuertaventura.  Stephen will race the Challenge Half, I will watch my 2nd race of the year with my friend Emma English (who is also in the same boat as me now!!) we will sit and compare Fuertaventura Challange race notes and I expect talk lots of baby things too!

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My Favorite February Beach Jog/Walk Loop!

When Stephen and I first arrived to Ibiza I found this great and beautiful loop for jogging (I am calling it jogging as what I do is not running anymore! it is slow motion jogging). My loop goes along 3 beaches that look stunning everytime. In December, January, Februay, March and April (the off season Ibiza months) the beaches are deserted, absolutley no other people around. However I have seen post cards of these exact same beaches in the summer and you cant see the sand for sun bathers!

When we first arrived I would go around this loop in about 45

minutes, since then I have been doing “PBs” everytime I do it! …not faster PB’s, slower PB’s! Sometimes as much as a +5 minute PB! now it takes me almost 1 hour to get round.

I have taken a photo of each of the 3 beautiful beaches I go by!

1st beach, Es Canar, Ibiza. This is where many of the hotels are, but at this time of year the hotels are all shut up.

2nd beach, I walk along this one. Jogging in sand for me right now requires more energy than I have!

the 3rd beautiful beach I pass on my loop!

It is funny, before my pregnancy, even if I had an easy recovery run to do, (which Stephen and I would often do together) Stephen would sometimes suggest we take a camera and try to get a photo for our blogs. But I would always say, “oh no, I dont want to stop on my run” This past 8 weeks I seem to have really adjusted my attitude! It is now totally acceptable (to myself) to walk on my jogs! In fact I actually walk more than jog! I know that women runners who are pregnant will run till they give birth, but that is not for me. My legs need this time out to recouperte as my muscles got into such a bad state last year. So doing lots of walking is good for me. This is why my PB’s are getting so good! I have even found myself stopping to look at views, and today stopping to take photos!? My extreme and anal training ethic is taking a back seat right now!

All is going well with my pregnancy, there seems to be a slight bump apearing! I am almost 15 weeks pregnant now.

On Friday Stephen and I are heading to the UK for a few days to go to the TCR show. We will be there on Sunday and Stephen is running the 10km race which I wil enjoy watching! Maybe see you there..

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St Antoni, Ibiza. On the coast.

what am I talking about? …I am not talking so much about bikes right now, so its not one of my bike measurements! 7.5cm is the size of our baby right now. Apparently the liver, kidneys and lungs are maturing right now, ears are developing and soon hair will be growing!
I am almost 14 weeks pregnant now. Since that 3 month mark I have generally been feeling a little more energetic. I feel exhausted less, although I still get very tired. Today is a tired day!? ..but yesterday I had a day filled with energy.

I am feeling nauseous less, and my swimming is improving as I don’t get nauseous so easily. I am aiming to keep my swimming ticking over during pregnancy. I worked so hard to get my swim decent, so I don’t want to forget my swim now. Although I am swimming slowly, I am holding my stroke together and getting 2-3km in 6 days a week.
In the past year I have had no problems with my arms and shoulders so swimming is good for me, but my leg muscles got so sore throo 2010 so this year my legs are resting! I am walking more, and only occasionally jogging. I am enjoying riding my bike about, we don’t have a car so that is my transport to the pool!

Since watching Stephen fall off his bike yesterday, I am being extra careful not to fall off!! Although if I am putting gloves on while riding, I dont go “no hands” to do it…. like Stephen does!!!
Apart from Stephen falling off his bike, he is training well. He is more determined and focused than ever with his training. It was good having Dan (Halksworth) here training with Stephen.
Last weekend I enjoyed watching them race a 2.2km run race! ..a little on the short side but a great race all the same.

Some people have asked me if I look any different yet, Do I have a bump? well, the answer is no! I look pretty similar to the way I always look, although to me, I do feel pregnant! I can feel a bump with my hands.
If you saw me in my cycling shorts, you would probably say under your breath “ooooh Bella has put a little weight on” …Stephen says you wouldn’t think that, but he is very polite!!
I have never lost my appetite since being pregnant, so unlike some women who loose weight in the first 3 months, ..I don’t think I have lost weight, although I haven’t turned into an elephant either! I have had a few food cravings, but not crazy cravings. During the 2nd month I often craved tomatoes or eggs.
The biggest thing that has changed was after 4 weeks of being pregnant I totally went off 3 things I have been addicted to for years, wine (I am not an alcoholic! but I have been known to like a glass of wine) coffee, and chewing gum!
I didn’t tell myself to stop eating and drinking that, it was just my body decided I didn’t need it, which made me happy, especially with the chewing gum, there is not much good-ness in chewing gum! I don’t think the baby needs chewing gum, coffee or wine!
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My secret is out!

Today as you can see, Stephen and I let our secret out! To be honest, keeping this secret has been hard work. I have been dieing to tell people but we decided to wait.

It has been great today, so many emails and calls to congratulate us, from people all over the world, people that I have not heard from in so long, and people I have been hiding from, fear the conversation might lead to how I am, then I would have to lie about how I was and what I was up too!!
I have been laying low for 3 months now! But now I dont have to lay low ūüôā

I dont know where to start really! It is all a whirl wind today.
Stephen and I are very happy! This is what we wanted. It will of course be such a change in our lives. Another person!! Its good you have 9 months to prepare!

2010 was very difficult for me. My leg injuries really crippled me. I actually dont remember a run in 2010 that did not hurt, so the decision to get pregnant was right for me at this time. My body needed this “rest”
Although I do plan to come back to race, I do know that wont happen easily!! But I will give it a real good go!

Right now I am concentrating on keeping healthy, doing some light exercise and reading about babies, …and how to have a baby!!! eeek!!!

I think compared to some woman these last 3 months have not been too bad for me. I hear that some woman feel awful during this time, but actually, for me, I felt great the first 4 weeks, then for the next 4 weeks I did feel really tired a lot, nausious, especially when swimming!!? Then I caught the cold/cough thing going around the UK in December. It took me 4 weeks to get rid of that ūüė¶
Apparently your imune system is not the same when you are pregnant.
The past 4 weeks I have still felt nausious and tired at times, but this last week I feel I have a little more energy. “The books say” that after the first 3 months this tends to happen!
I am even able to swim a little longer without the feeling I am about to vomit after 10 laps!!!

I am going to write regular blogs and keep anyone that is interested updated!
Speak Soon!
Am off to read some more emails that I have just recieved!! ūüôā

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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